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i like it, but ive seen better from you powerprime. i sm dissapoint.

this was awesome. it was a little slow paced, like everything was in slow mo. other than that i loved it. i liked how every boss had a gimmick, like the thing that grows bigger by eating. there should have been a return of the zombie serpent thing, like if it ate the giant faceless guy and attacked all giant and stuff. i want to see more of this. happy madness day.

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not bad

not the best game ever, but the best chocobreak game ive seen. i like your stuff. you can do great stuff, but you choose to put less effort in. like with your megazord game. keep making games, just put in a tad more effort

Just amazing!

wow, this was amazing. i didnt even know the tgf2 could do that! also, where did you get those sounds? i cant find youtube poop sounds anywhere. anyway, great game, great features, and great graphics. one of my favorite games on newgrounds. bravo oldskool, bravo...

i hate this

it has the most unresponsive controls ever. i was right on beat but i lost anyway. and im a drumer. patapon is a good game, but this flash is not.

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holy shit!

this is pure awesomeness. i think nintendo should hire you to make their music. keep up the good work. this is awesome. there were no flaws at all. just awesomeness.

ElectroHarbour responds:

Thank you.

This is awesometastic

Thats right haters, I made up a word. You go a problem with that? Anyway, this is really awesome. The metronome goes on for a bit too long but everything else is perfect. How you make this stuff is still a mystery. Keep blowing my mind with cool songs. You raised the bar with this one.

Darkfire96 responds:

XD Awesometastic!
I guess the metronome needs be removed...
Lol Ill try to continue blowing your mind :)



finally an 8-bit tune for relaxing moments instead of boss battles that doesnt suck! this is great. can i put it in a game i'm currently making? if i do, i promise to put you in the credits.

td6d responds:

Sure man! Send me a link to it when you upload it, I'd love to see what you made!

Thanks for the feedback!

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kids, do not watch this... ew...


All your sculptures are so cool! Make That big guy with the mask and wierd teeth from madness!!!

PikaRobo responds:

If you are talking about Tricky, he is already made (the most recent one) If you are talking about his 'demon' form... holy crap... 0___0.

But I might think about it, Although I might need to make it out of a different material it is not impossible.

That is EPIC!!!

This was so cool I attempted to make one but it didnt work out as well. Great job though! Keep up the good work!

PikaRobo responds:

Thanks, just keep trying.

I am a person. I make games. I do stuff.I like muffins Does that explain enough?

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